Environmental Toxins

Environmental Toxins

Environmental Toxins

Paul A. Goldberg, MPH,DC,DACBN,DCBCN
David Tener, BA, DC
Goldberg Tener Clinic for Chronic Disease Reversal

Toxic environmental materials are dangerously impacting both individuals and communities, bringing with them rapidly increasing chronic disease rates in the population. A myriad of toxic environmental chemicals are playing a growing role in creating cancer, a broad range of autoimmune disorders and diverse symptoms such as chronic fatigue, digestive disturbances, depression, musculoskeletal issues, behavioral disorders, neurological problems, headaches, etc. as has become increasingly clear to epidemiologists, clinicians and toxicologists.

The rapid growth in industrial manufacturing, chemical-intensive crop production and fossil fuel use / consumption has changed the scale and complexity of our exposure to environmental toxins. Since World War II, more than 85,000 chemicals have been released into the environment but only 550 have undergone safety evaluation. These chemicals can bring about changes in many tissues including altering our DNA. They are found in the food we ingest, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the clothing we wear and in numerous household items that have long been considered benign.

Toxic materials accumulating in the body’s cells can contribute to the genesis of many chronic diseases. These conditions are then treated with toxic pharmaceuticals by the medical industry.

The human population is growing rapidly. With population growth, there is accompanying demand for more electrical power generated by fossil fuels and nuclear power and increasing consumption of consumer goods including plastics generating their own set of toxic wastes.

East Palestine OH Train DerailmentOn February 4th, 2023,  another major toxic exposure event occurred with the train accident / chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio. The total impact of this spill is not fully known at this time but already numerous people are feeling the effects. Similar attention was garnered in 2015 when drinking water in Flint, Michigan was found to be contaminated with lead causing severe disease ramifications to area residents. These events, however, pale in comparison to the total load of chemicals that have been introduced into the environment over the past hundred years. This dramatic increase in toxic wastes has played a major role among both young and old people in the U.S. suffering with chronic disease conditions. These diseases are usually labeled with names that do not reflect cause nor do they have medical remedies to reverse these conditions and bring about restored health.

Despite increased public health awareness generated by events such as those in Ohio and Michigan, toxicology is largely ignored in most healthcare practices. Conventional and alternative medical practices fail to possess the interest or training to identify and address the role of toxins in their chronically ill patients. Patients suffering with the effects of toxic exposures are administered drugs, herbs and other potions that are ineffective. The result? The chronically ill remain chronically ill. 

Identifying and Addressing Toxic Exposures

At the Goldberg Tener Clinic, we have long recognized the importance of determining the role of environmental toxins in our patients in order to reverse their chronic disease issues. Dr. Goldberg’s avid interest in toxicology was a major impetus in him undergoing training in Public Health/Chronic Disease Epidemiology/Toxicology at the University of Texas Graduate School of Public Health and his involvement with toxicology related matters in the forty plus years since then.

Toxicology TestingOur patients are evaluated to determine their total toxic burden to understand the extent to which it is contributing to their chronic disease issues. This is achieved through a comprehensive evaluation including a detailed history, a physical examination and laboratory testing (see examples of test results below). Through the application of advanced testing procedures, we can measure the presence of over 170 chemical compounds in the body that are associated with a wide variety of chronic health issues including Autoimmune Disorders e.g., Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Lupus, Ankylosing Spondylitis etc., cancer, cardiovascular disease, endocrine disruption, chronic skin conditions, Thyroid disorders and other chronic health issues. Categories of toxins we commonly evaluate include:

  • Organophosphate pesticides
  • Organochlorine pesticides
  • Herbicides including Glyphosate and 2-4,D
  • Plasticizers including phthalates
  • Parabens
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) / Industrial Pollutants including xylene, styrene, vinyl chloride, benzene, bromopropane etc.
  • Acrylamide
  • Environmental Phenols including Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Heavy metals including arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum, nickel, silver, tin, etc.
  • Mold toxins including aflatoxin and ochratoxin.
  • PFAS i.e., “forever chemicals”

Following testing, clinical epidemiological methods are employed to eliminate the sources of identified toxins followed by the implementation of a Bio-Hygienic Program to facilitate their safe removal from the body. The video interview shown below with a patient from our clinic illustrates the role environmental toxins can play in the development of chronic disease including autoimmune disorders. Toxic exposures to Heavy Metals (arsenic), Organophosphates and Volatile Organic Compounds played a significant role in the development of this patient’s condition.

The specific steps needed to accomplish detoxification vary from one patient to the next based on the type and quantity of toxins involved, the patient’s age, vitality, and nutritional status, drugs they are taking or have taken in the past and other variables. Pre/post testing is employed to ensure toxic accumulations have been reduced to bring about the creation of new, healthier cells and tissues and the reversal of chronic disease.

The before/after toxicology test results shown below from patients at our clinic illustrate the positive outcomes that are possible.

Glyphosate before after

2-4D before after

lead before after

volatile solvents before and after

acrylamide before after

mercury before after

Diphenyl Phosphate before and after

perchlorate before after

styrene before after

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