Successfully Reversing Fibromyalgia

Patients with “Fibromyalgia” have chronic problems that can be resolved by addressing the causes of their poor health rather than treating the manifestations of their symptoms as is seen in the practice of conventional and alternative medicine. Our successful work since 1976 with patients diagnosed with “Fibromyalgia” has taught us that once the symptoms of “Fibromyalgia” are understood and addressed, a return to good health almost invariably follows. See article: Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? You Have Been Misled.

Recent Case Studies

Improvements in each case resulted from addressing causal factors and employing health promoting nutritional and hygienic steps not through the treatment of any medical condition. Every patient is different and results may vary from patient to patient.

Causes Identified. Causes AddressedHealth Restored.

Case #1: Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic Arthritis

Ms. Roseberry originally came to the Goldberg Tener Clinic for Chronic Disease Reversal from Northeast Texas with the medical diagnoses of Psoriatic ArthritisFibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She was taking over ten prescription drugs at that time. Now in 2019, Wendy has improved tremendously. Her aches and pains are gone, her digestive troubles (gas, bloating, constipation, cramps) are a thing of the past, her energy is significantly improved and she is sleeping much better. Wendy is no longer taking any prescription drugs. Click here to read the full case write up.

Case #2: Joint and Muscle Pain, Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Ms. McGill came to the Goldberg Tener Clinic for Chronic Disease Reversal from New Jersey in October of 2018 suffering with joint and muscle pain and Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EOE). Since coming to the Goldberg Tener Clinic, Ms. McGill has gotten off all her prescribed drugs, reports an eighty percent improvement and has a new lease on life.

Click here to read the full case write up.

Case #3: Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic Arthritis

Kristy came to the Goldberg Tener Clinic for Chronic Disease Reversal from Seattle having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Spondyloarthropathy by a Medical Rheumatologist. Her MD gave her Celebrex which adversely affected her kidneys. She was later given Cymbalta, Percocet and Prednisone Her condition continued to worsen with the drugs. Since coming to the Goldberg Tener Clinic, she is off all pain killers and is no longer taking steroids. Her discomforts are greatly reduced and she lost 22 pounds.