Reverse Fibromyalgia

Building Health Rather than Treating Disease

Fibromyalgia is a common medical diagnosis assigned to patients complaining of  muscular discomforts in certain defined areas of the body, aching and usually generalized fatigue.  It is a vague title employed by the Medical Profession when they are unable to tell the patient what is actually wrong with them as it is nothing more than a name for symptoms. It gives patients something to hang their hat on but then nowhere to go. “Treatments” which are non-specific, involve painkillers, sedative agents, anti-depressants and in many cases referral for counseling or psychiatric evaluation based on the patient’s presentation.

With no real specifics identified as to cause and no prudent methods to address their discomforts, numerous sufferers are left with this garbage can diagnosis. This is quite convenient for the medical or alternative medical physician who has now “done his or her job” and terribly  frustrating for the suffering patients who find themselves so labeled and chronically ill  and confused with no resolution in sight.

Underlying fibromyalgia symptomatology is impaired health.  The patient’s overall well-being has become compromised for one reason or another, different in each patient and the fibromyalgia symptoms are an indication of this. The solution? Address the causes of poor health in the individual as opposed to the “treatment” of symptoms. When the reasons behind the patient’s overall impaired health are identified and addressed with individualized health building measures targeted specifically for each patient, progress begins to be evident. Energy levels rise, symptoms of “Fibromyalgia” dissipate and good health returns. 

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The Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation System

We Do Not “Treat” Disease. We Re-Create the Body.™

The Goldberg Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation System  is a logical, individualized, effective way to restore the health of patients with Fibromyalgia and other chronic disease conditions. This unique approach based in both science and nature, focuses on reversing chronic disease conditions by identifying and addressing causal factors. This involves creating the optimal conditions for the individual to literally be Re-Created to the fullest extent of their potential. “Treatments”, as commonly utilized, standard or alternative, are not employed. Our over-riding task is to re-build the patient’s cellular structure based upon a careful evaluation, to allow for positive changes in their biochemistry so health may evolve and disease dissipate.

For over forty-five years we have successfully assisted patients who have the will to get well,  to reverse Fibromyalgia and other chronic health issues and to attain a high level of reliable health.

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Causes Identified…Causes Addressed…Health Restored