A Different Kind of Clinic

An Alternative to Medicine but Not Alternative Medicine

The Goldberg Tener Clinic has been helping people through natural, hygienic, biological methods for over 45 years. We are not a medical clinic nor are we simply another “alternative type clinic” with a variety of “natural remedies.” The Goldberg Tener Clinic strives for clinical excellence. Here both the patient and the doctor roll up their sleeves and do the hard work needed to obtain the excellent results patients deserve.

Conquering your Chronic Disease

You may be discouraged going from doctor to doctor still unable to determine why you are ill, finding that drugs are only masking your symptoms while allowing your health to decline. Employing comprehensive methods, The Goldberg Tener Clinic determines the underlying causes of your health problems through careful examination and modern testing practices. We pinpoint the steps needed to resolve your health problems now and protect your health for the future.

For over 40 years The Goldberg Tener Clinic has helped thousands of patients overcome a wide variety of health conditions. Arrange for an appointment today or inquire about how we can assist you with your health concerns.

A Beacon of Light for The Chronically Ill

Long Established & Time Tested

Many years before natural health care became in vogue and decades before the current fad of physicians began calling their practices confusing titles such as “anti-aging medicine,” “functional medicine,” “integrative medicine” or “complimentary medicine,” — after attending weekend seminars — The Goldberg Tener Clinic was established with a focus on the reversal of chronic diseases by addressing their causes.

The Goldberg Tener Clinic is an institution whose history evolved out of Dr. Goldberg’s quest to help others reverse their chronic disease conditions after successfully doing so himself. A clinic with the knowledge and experience to uncover the causes of chronic illness and develop individualized programs meeting each patient’s specific needs.

The Goldberg Tener Clinic today is the outcome of both an extensive professional education and 45 years of clinical experience by its founder, Dr. Paul Goldberg, who can say to those suffering from chronic disease, “I’ve been there, done that.”

Having experienced the agony of debilitating chronic illness, Dr. Goldberg and the Goldberg Tener Clinic today assist others in reversing degenerative disease conditions, as he did for himself four decades ago, in a logical manner combining the best of science and nature. Our goal is to assist those who have lost hope of regaining their health to return to an active, comfortable life and take control of their destiny.

In 2012, the Goldberg Tener Clinic was fortunate to bring on board Dr. David Tener, our Clinic Director, who has mentored under Dr. Goldberg since 2010. Valedictorian of his graduating class with degrees in Psychology and Chiropractic. Dr. Tener has developed exemplary talents as a Doctor of Chiropractic, as a Clinical Nutritionist, and as a caring human being ready to listen carefully to and assist our patients.