Reverse Chronic Disease

Reverse Chronic Disease

Paul A. Goldberg, MPH,DC,DACBN,DCBCN
The Goldberg Tener Clinic
Chronic Disease Reversal

Modern Medicine views the wide array of Chronic Diseases as disorders that last a lifetime and the care of patients with them as “Medical Management.” This means the patient never regains their health but is “managed” on an ongoing basis. During the years of “management,” the patient sinks further into an abyss of pharmaceutical treatments while seeing their health continually dissipate.

The Goldberg Tener Clinic, utilizing an individually applied Bio-Hygienic ApproachTM, takes a far more optimistic view of “Chronic Diseases”  backed solidly by a history of over forty-five years of returning chronically ill patients to reliable health.

The road back to good health from chronic disease, however, requires effort. The Goldberg Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation SystemTM has returned thousands of chronically ill patients to health but it is not a miracle. It is the outcome of understanding the causes of illness and Re-CreatingTM the body as opposed to an array of ongoing treatments. The Bio-Hygienic ApproachTM does not supersede Natural Law. It works with the patient’s body to create the right conditions for health to return.

In light of this being a very different approach there are sometimes obstacles to overcome with patients. Patience is a virtue frequently in short supply. Some are in a frenzied hurry to get what they want. They are accustomed to their responsibility in health care being to swallow prescribed pills and obtaining some type of rapid response as opposed to the dedicated work it requires to reverse chronic disease conditions.

The reality is that losing our health and descending into chronic disease takes time as does regaining it. Unlike the medical approach, our goal is for the chronically ill patient to regain health and Re-Create their Body not simply manage or treat their symptoms.

Bio-HygieneTM involves Re-Creating the body to its full potential. This means that the patient’s cellular health must be revamped. In patients with long standing chronic disease, this can take from 12 to 24 months of solid effort depending on factors such as age, prior surgeries and drug usage. This is not recovering from a cold or flu…this is making an epic journey of remaking the body and evolving out of chronic disease. See examples of Re-Creation below.

Some patients have histories involving numerous medical and alternative/functional medical practitioners, spending tens of thousands of dollars on tests and treatments and only getting worse. They are understandably frustrated. We are sympathetic but ask patients to understand that Bio-HygieneTM is a much different approach and requires addressing causal factors and taking concrete steps to restore health as opposed to medical or alternative medical treatments. When patients come to our office, they must understand that Bio HygieneTM does not mix with medical or alternative medical approaches. We employ interview techniques, examinations and laboratory procedures done to our specifications and utilize labs we have long experience and confidence in. We interpret and apply lab results to our own standards developed since the 1970’s. We expect patients to dedicate themselves with us as full partners in health recovery.

Overindulgence in exercise, work, sex, drug and alcohol usage, poor diet, lack of sleep, mental stressors and a lack of health-giving influences are common predecessors to chronic disease. These and other factors must be addressed. We delve into the patient’s past uncovering the causal factors involved in the evolution of their disease.

Chronic disease often begins insidiously starting with digestive issues, fatigue, skin outbreaks, joint pain, depression and other troubling symptoms leading most to seek out treatments having no bearing on why those problems began.

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Antibiotics, antacids, steroids, hormones and a variety of painkillers leave causes untouched leaving the body to deal not only with the initial problems but also with the toxic effects of treatments including those from the Functional Medicine Crowd which often have complicated the patient’s condition (see “The Facade of Functional Medicine”). Plying patients with treatments unrelated to causal factors fails to restore health as millions of chronically ill people can attest to (see our article Escape the Treatment Mentality).

The Descent Into Chronic Disease

Many today began to suffer chronic health issues as children with allergies, asthma, ear and throat infections and behavioral disorders.

If not sickly as children, many by their twenties and thirties begin having aches and pains, digestive and elimination problems, emotional issues, skin problems, etc., all signs that things are amiss and that chronic disease is evolving. When labeled with titles such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue etc., patients wonder where it suddenly came from not realizing that their health has long been on the decline.

As the culmination of adverse habits and genetics surfaces, a short cut to health is sought but Chronic Diseases cannot be resolved overnight.

Bio-HygieneTM investigates causal factors through an extensive interview, physical examination and laboratory analysis. We present our findings to the patient detailing what factors we have uncovered that contributed to the evolution of disease. The patient is advised not to expect instant relief, that ups and downs are common and that guidance along the way back to health is critical. An exacerbation of symptoms can occur initially as the healing potential of the body is increased and the reconstruction of tissues occurs. Some expect instant relief from conditions that took half a lifetime to develop. Some want to continue the very habits that led to their problems. Insanity, however, is defined as doing the same actions repeatedly and expecting different results.

Some patients cherry pick through their Bio-HygienicTM Program as to what they will and won’t do. Jane will change her diet but not give up her compulsive over-exercising. John is willing to give up coffee but not go to bed prior to midnight. Nature is not so selective. The will to get well must be accompanied by a commitment that includes addressing all the factors that led to the genesis of disease and to do so on an ongoing basis. Nature does not make bargains.

We are sympathetic to the patient who says they must continue with the job they hate. We understand the patient who contends they must continue to work a nightshift even though that does not allow them to obtain sufficient sleep. Our being sympathetic, however, does not get the job done. Nature demands what nature demands and we can’t negotiate with her. We must make changes and sometimes retreat from the battle in order to win the war.

How long does it take to recover from chronic disease? The patient’s age, their drug history, genetic background and level of familial support, are some of the factors to consider. Will the patient give attention to all aspects needed for comprehensive healing or just focus on a single aspect such as diet.

Our patients’ before and after photos, laboratory studies and testimonials reveal dramatic improvements and recoveries including their inflammatory indices, blood sugar levels, lipids and other markers bearing witness to the value of addressing causes and carrying out instructions.

Good health once lost impacts all aspects of our lives. It turns a world of marvel and beauty into one of pain and sorrow. The worthwhile work of reversing chronic disease requires right action, perseverance and time.    

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