Grave’s Disease (Autoimmune Hyperthyroidism) Reversed!

Grave’s Disease (Autoimmune Hyperthyroidism) Reversed!

Hyperthyroidism (Grave’s Disease) Reversed and Health Restored

Isabella at fourteen years of age was diagnosed by a Medical Endocrinologist with Grave’s Disease (Autoimmune Hyperthyroidism). Her blood work showed a very low TSH level and high T3 and T4 (see before/after lab work below). The Endocrinologist prescribed the drug Methimazole and recommended either surgery to remove the Thyroid or radioactive iodine to burn out the gland followed by Thyroid replacement therapy (Synthroid) which would then be needed for the remainder of Isabella’s life.

Isabella’s parents did not want to see their daughter lose her Thyroid gland by radiation or surgery knowing what an important role it plays in growth, immunity, energy, mood and in controlling the other glands of the body. They brought her to The Goldberg Tener Clinic For Chronic Disease Reversal where she was evaluated and an individualized program was developed for her to follow.

Due to the successful identification of causes, the effective care plan Isabella received and without any medical intervention from surgery or radiation, Isabella’s thyroid returned to normal function as seen in the before/after blood work below.

Dr. Tener’s Case Commentary

As discussed in the video interview above, toxic exposures to Heavy Metals (arsenic), Organophosphates and Volatile Organic Compounds played a significant role in the development of Isabella’s condition. These were identified in her case through careful investigation and analysis at The Goldberg Tener Clinic including specific laboratory studies that identified accumulations of these toxins in her body. Improving Isabella’s health status and normalizing her endocrine function involved taking specific steps to eliminate the sources of toxic exposures and support her body in detoxifying these materials. Repeat toxicology testing showed a reduction of these toxins over time which coincided with the normalization of her Thyroid function as shown by the test results below.

Improving Isabella’s health and normalizing her Thyroid function was a two year process that involved ups and downs. She exhibited patience and perseverance and put forth the needed effort to regain her health. She had what we refer to as “The Will to Get Well.”

Before/After Thyroid Lab Work

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