Reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis and other Autoimmune Diseases

Reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis and other Autoimmune Diseases

Reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis and other Autoimmune Diseases Through the Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation System™

Paul Goldberg MPH, DC, DACBN, DCBCN

The Goldberg Tener Clinic has successfully reversed Rheumatoid and other Autoimmune Diseases for our patients for over forty years utilizing an individualized Bio-Hygienic Re-creation Approach.

Ms. Lisa Cornwell from Kansas is a recent example (see video above) of one of our patients who overcame Rheumatoid Arthritis through an individualized Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation Program™. Lisa was medically diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2010  and placed on standard pharmaceuticals. She was also on hormone replacement including Armor Thyroid (see article “The Tragedy of Thyroid Replacement”) and “Bio-Identical” Estrogen and Progesterone (see article on Problems with Bio-Identical Hormones) which complicated her autoimmune issues.

Lisa is now off ALL drugs including Prednisone, Methotrexate, Plaquenil and and Armor Thyroid which she was taking previously. Her blood work is now normal including the inflammatory markers (see before/after C-Reactive Protein below). Through the Goldberg Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation Program™, individually applied to Lisa along with her diligent efforts, Lisa is now recovered and enjoying life once again.

Why do our patients with so-called “incurable” Rheumatoid issues recover their health? What makes The Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation System distinctly different from medical, alternative medical and functional medical approaches?

Having suffered with Rheumatoid Disease as a young man I went through conventional and “alternative” medical treatments in failed attempts to restore my health. In time, through a variety of experiences, I developed the requisite knowledge to recover my well-being. I developed my skills further by decades of working with afflicted patients. All this went into the evolution of the Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation System™.

What Is The Goldberg Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation System™?

The Goldberg Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation System™ is the art and science of reversing chronic disease conditions. It identifies causal factors, creates the optimal conditions to address them and Re-Creates™ the body through the implementation of a restoration program tailored to the individual’s requirements.

What Makes the Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation System™ Different from Conventional and Alternative Medicine?

Reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis and other Autoimmune Disorders requires identifying and addressing causal factors. This is is far different from simply naming disease manifestations (“diagnosis”) as is done in Conventional and Alternative Medicine (see our article “The Facade of Alternative and Functional Medicine”).

Reversing Rheumatoid Diseases requires that a highly individualized program be developed for each patient. Once implemented, diseased tissues are gradually revitalized or replaced with new, healthier, tissues. This is a world apart from applying medical, alternative medical or functional medicine treatments for symptom suppression. This is the actual rebuilding of a sick body. This is the reversal of disease and the creation of health.

Every patient, even those with the same medical diagnosis is different from the next. When I began my practice I attempted to employ the measures I’d developed for my own recovery for patients with the same “diagnosis.” I quickly learned that this approach was inadequate as each patient requires an individual evaluation and program specifically addressing their own biochemical individuality and the etiological (causal) factors involved.

Not The Patient Fitting The Program But The Program Fitting The Patient

For a successful outcome the remedial course of action must fit the individual not a disease name. It is a serious error to try to force a patient into a program rather than designing a program for the patient based upon an evaluation that considers the myriad of characteristics that constitute each of us.

A Comprehensive Approach that is Biological…Not Pharmaceutical

The Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation System™ utilizes a comprehensive evaluation including an extensive in house interview and examination (often taking two hours or longer) followed by laboratory analysis specific to the patient’s needs.

Each person’s Rheumatoid Disease develops for a combination of social, genetic, immunological, nutritional, biochemical, environmental, toxicological, microbiological and psychosocial factors. The doctors should have knowledge and experience in all these areas.

The Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation Approach™ is biological not pharmaceutical. We do not treat disease…we restore health. Care of the patient must enhance their physiological function and promote homeostasis. Drugs and other potions, conventional or alternative, that suppress, stimulate or otherwise disturb physiological balance work against recovery .

The Re-Creation of Health vs. The Treatment of Manifestations

What This Means for The Patient

Reversing RA and other autoimmune conditions requires active participation. Our patients cannot be passive bystanders. We take our patient’s health seriously and expect them to also. In the re-creation process with a patient suffering with Rheumatoid or other Autoimmune Disorder there are ups and downs as the body’s tissues are replaced and restored with healthier tissues. Ongoing communication is needed between doctor and patient as the process of recovery evolves.

Identifying and addressing causes takes work to uncover all contributing factors. Often  patients focus exclusively on dietary aspects. Dietary Reform plays an important role in most cases of Rheumatoid Disorders. We address these needs thoroughly understanding that it is only one part of a comprehensive individualized program. Recovering from Rheumatoid Disease requires looking at the entire picture. A full range of hygienic, toxicological, gastrointestinal, microbiological, stress and endocrinological factors play critical roles and need to be sorted out to understand how the patient became ill and how they can recover. This comprehensive approach is integral to the Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation System™.

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