Dr. Goldberg Addresses the GCA

Dr. Goldberg Addresses the GCA

Dr. Goldberg Addresses The Georgia Chiropractic Association Fall and Winter Conferences

Pandemics: Beyond Vaccines and Treatments

Dr. David Tener
Director, The Goldberg Tener Clinic

Rave reviews followed Dr. Goldberg’s presentation to The Fall Continuing Education Conference of the Georgia Chiropractic Association held October 22nd-25th at the Hotel at Avalon in Alpharetta. In light of Dr. Goldberg’s extensive Professional Public Health Background as a Clinical Epidemiologist and Public Health Professor, he was chosen to present a five hour lecture on Pandemic Origins, Past Present and Future… beyond Dogma and Vaccines. A panoramic historical overview of pandemics worldwide was given, including the epidemiology of Covid-19, causal factors that have led to it and how it can be optimally addressed to resolve both the current crisis and to prevent future ones.

Special attention was given to the involvement of chronic disease co-morbidities, and the many health destroying immunosuppressant drugs employed by the Medical Profession, which serve as contributing factors to Covid-19 mortality.

Read Dr. Goldberg’s article “You Have Been Misled: You CAN Empower and Protect Yourself from COVID19” which includes some of the practical points Dr. Goldberg addressed that individuals can utilize to minimize the impact of the current pandemic for their families and themselves

Dr. Goldberg will be giving an expanded version of his presentation to The Winter Georgia Chiropractic Association Continuing Education Conference to be given December 11, 2020 at the Marriott Hotel near Emory University.

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