Hypothyroidism Reversed & Health Restored

Hypothyroidism Reversed & Health Restored

Meghan Reverses Thyroid Disease without “Treatments”

“Since coming to the Goldberg Tener Clinic, my energy is significantly improved, my hair stopped falling out,
I lost twenty pounds and I am no longer taking Thyroid Replacement Therapy.”

– Meghan Nicholas

Ms. Meghan Nicholas came to the Goldberg Tener Clinic following a two year struggle with digestive troubles, hair loss, fatigue, goiter and weight gain. Her Endocrinologist diagnosed her with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune condition affecting the Thyroid Gland. Prior to seeing us, Meghan was placed on Synthroid to treat her symptoms (see article: The Misuse of Thyroid Replacement Therapy) but her condition only worsened with ongoing weight gain, acne, fatigue and severe brain fog. She had also sought assistance from a well known Alternative Medical Clinic in the Atlanta area who sold her a multitude of supplements to take with equally disappointing results. Meghan discusses her experiences in detail in the video interview above along with the significant improvement she achieved at the Goldberg Tener Clinic. She is now drug free.

Important Points from Meghan’s Case

Meghan’s experience illustrates common mistakes patients and physicians make when attempting to address chronic health issues often leading to frustration, despair and medical / drug dependency for the patient.

I. Conventional Medicine and Alternative Medicine are the same flawed approach.

Conventional Medicine and Alternative Medicine operate under the same mistaken assumption… that the treatment of a disease, using agents unrelated to the cause(s) of a disease will bring about the restoration of health. Using drugs to suppress symptoms is no more effective in addressing causes and creating health than the employment of alternative treatments including herbs, supplements, ozone, CBD, homeopathic remedies and other products unrelated to causal factors.

Going from conventional medicine to alternative / functional / integrative medicine is to trade one form of medicine for another under the guise of being something different. This is a facade. Causal factors are disregarded and patients often find themselves on an endless merry-go-round of treatments without improving their health. Meghan’s experience with conventional and alternative medicine (discussed in the video above) is a classic example of this much too common scenario.

Read Dr. Goldberg’s Article: “The Facade of Functional and Alternative Medicine”.

II. Supplement Use and Abuse

Patients venturing into the world of Alternative / Functional Medicine routinely find themselves taking a bevy of supplements in addition to their drugs. This diverts their focus from addressing the real causes of their problem while reinforcing a treatment / pill mentality.

Excessive supplementation has consequences. The overuse of supplements places an additional burden on the chronic disease patient and contributes to additional imbalances. In the video interview above, Meghan reveals that she was taking 20-30 supplements per day prior to seeing us while continuing to see her health decline, a common scenario in the realm of alternative and functional medicine. Shown below are examples of the excessive supplements a few of our patients were taking prior to working with us.


III. Thyroid Replacement Therapy… What your Doctor Won’t Tell You

Meghan, like many other women we see at our clinic, presented to her Medical Physician complaining of fatigue, brain fog, hair loss and weight gain. Blood testing revealed an under active thyroid gland (Hypothyroidism) and she was placed on a Thyroid replacement drug. At no point did her Medical Physician investigate why her Thyroid was not functioning well nor educate her on what she could do to restore healthy thyroid function.

Due to the fact that Meghan came to see us after having been on Thyroid Replacement for only a short time, we had the opportunity to restore the function of her Thyroid gland. Her energy is now much improved, her hair has stopped falling out, she lost twenty pounds and she is no longer taking Thyroid Replacement Therapy. Meghan’s before / after blood work is shown below.

Read Dr. Goldberg’s article, “The Tragic Misuse of Thyroid Hormone Replacement”.


IV. The Medical Treatment of Disease Vs. The Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation System

Meghan’s case and the over one hundred additional video interviews posted on our website illustrates the favorable results that occur in restoring a patient’s health when adequate attention is placed on determining why the patient has become ill and addressing those causal factors directly. This is a very different approach than the medical treatment of disease with drugs and the alternative remedies employed by “Alternative, Functional and Integrative Physicians.”

Patients should be vigilant not to accept the “quick fix” medical and alternative medical approaches that often lead down the road of permanently impaired health. Looking for causes rather than for “treatments” and creating the right conditions to build health is the foundation of the Goldberg Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation System and our success in restoring good health to chronically ill patients over the past forty five years.

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