Clinical Toxicology and The Reversal of Chronic Disease

Clinical Toxicology and The Reversal of Chronic Disease

Director, The Goldberg Tener Clinic for Chronic Disease Reversal

In the 21st Century, we are increasingly exposed to a myriad of toxic substance including drug residues, food additives, hormones, pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, PCB’s, etc., along with toxins generated by the body in its daily metabolic activities such as digestion and respiration. These accumulated endogenous and exogenous toxic materials are a major player related to chronic disease problems yet are largely ignored or mishandled by health care practitioners. Found in our food, cosmetics, water, air, soil, and everyday household items we are in contact with, these toxic materials accumulate in our cells and contribute to the genesis of most chronic disease conditions.

Conventional and Alternative Medicine practitioners focus on “treating” disease not by eliminating the causes of illness but by administering something additional to take …a toxic drug, herb or other potion adding to the toxins already in our bodies as if we were suffering from drug or herb deficiencies. The failure of chronically ill patients to respond to these “treatments” is clear evidence that such an approach is fundamentally flawed and why chronic diseases remain chronic.

Chronic illness does not occur due to deficiencies of drugs, potions, hormones, and pills. Most chronic diseases arise due to wastes that have accumulated in our cells over an extended period of time.

If the fuel injectors or exhaust system of a car become clogged with products of combustion, the car will not run poorly. The deposits must be removed to return the car to proper operation. Likewise, years of taking drugs, excessive fat, sugar, protein, alcohol, tobacco, pesticides, herbicides, emotional stress and a myriad of other environmental toxins, the body becomes overwhelmed and diseased as cellular wastes accumulate and chronic disease evolves. It is far easier for patient and practitioner to blame disease on bacteria, viruses and deficiencies and apply treatments (resulting in greater toxicity) rather than address the factors that resulted in illness and the growth of bacteria and viruses as the result.

The task of returning the chronically ill patient to health does not lie in putting more burdensome materials into the body but rather by addressing the role accumulated wastes have played in the genesis of disease. This is true whether the disease take the form of fatigue​, inflammation​, poor digestion​, ulcers, autoimmunity​, neurological diseases, cancer, depression, diabetes​ or a host of other symptoms.

Accumulated wastes generate chronic disease. The body places a high priority on waste elimination but in today’s world becomes overwhelmed beyond its capacity. Every day the debris of billions of dead cells must be processed along with the byproducts of digestion e.g. nitrogenous compounds, uric acid, lactic acid, ammonia, indican, putrecine and numerous others. In addition, a multitude of environmental toxins add to the burden.

Under ideal conditions our lymphatic system, liver and kidneys remove wastes efficiently…until they are overwhelmed. Modern lifestyles and toxic exposures lead to the accumulation of cellular wastes and eventual “biochemical suffocation.” The body responds with inflammation and uncomfortable symptoms as it struggles to eliminate the toxins all leading to increased free radicals, inflammation and abnormal microbial growth. These are the result of problems rather than being the problems themselves. Disease symptoms resulting from the toxic state are “treated” by practitioners with an assortment of pills and potions failing to address underlying causes, adding to the toxic state and pushing the patient further into a lifetime of chronic disease.

The primary channels through which the body eliminates wastes are the kidneys, bowels, lungs, lymphatic system and skin. The core of the matter is at the cellular level where nutrient absorption and waste excretion occur. If the cells are overloaded with wastes such that cellular excretion is no longer efficient, problems with nutrients entering the cells (cellular absorption) occurs. The patient then suffers with “deficiencies” not due to lack of dietary intake of them but rather due to a lack of ability to absorb nutrients and excrete wastes at the cellular level.  Dumping loads of nutrient supplements on such individuals further complicates the problems as under these conditions they cannot be utilized properly.

As cellular wastes accumulate, symptoms occur including chronic fatigue, memory issues, joint and muscle discomforts, digestive disturbances and skin disorders. Allergies and autoimmune diseases are part of this scenario. Putting the right things into our bodies alone is not sufficient. We must correct the toxic environment that has been generated over time. The body must be allowed to go through a period of catabolism to break down and eliminate wastes in a safe manner. In today’s toxic world even children (subject to poor diets, vaccinations, environmental wastes and poor lifestyles) are also commonly found with disease issues directly related to toxicity.

We have long witnessed patients coming into our clinic who have been on numerous diets, taken prescription drugs and many supplements all of which have made them even more toxic and driven them further into chronic disease. These same patients, however, once evaluated properly and placed on an individualized plan to safely eliminate toxic wastes, experience a dramatic “re-creation” of their physical being as they undergo catabolism (eliminating wastes) and anabolism (building new, healthier tissues). Digestive problems and inflammation fade away, the skin clears and takes on a new glow, pains and aches dissipate and medically diagnosed diseases disappear. Working with patients, guiding them through a carefully guided health renewal process and evolving out of chronic disease, we refer to as The Goldberg Tener Clinic “Re-Creation” Process, which is part of Bio-Hygiene. Our success at helping patients in this fashion evolved out of over forty years of experience and training in Hygiene, Public Health, Epidemiology, Clinical Nutrition, Detoxification, Toxicology, Biochemistry and most importantly working with thousands of patients both on an inpatient and outpatient basis.

Each individual must be evaluated to determine if and how toxins have accumulated, the types of toxins present and how to safely and efficiently bring the patient back to a renewed state of health. An extensive interview detailing the patient’s background from birth to the present is the first step followed by a physical examination and appropriate laboratory studies to sort out the patient’s “total load” i.e. the summation of all the burdens their body is carrying and how that is playing into their health issues. This involves hard work for both doctor and patient, as there are no quick fixes to reverse chronic disease conditions. Watch the video interview with one of our patients above which discusses the successful reversal of Grave’s Disease (autoimmune hyperthyroidism) in a fourteen-year-old girl. Investigating and addressing toxic exposures was a key component in her case.

Detective work is required to sort out the disease origins. A Bio-Hygienic/Re-Creation Program is not for those unwilling to make changes or undergo temporary discomforts as the body breaks down toxic wastes and generates new tissues. Hard work is required. The results, however, for those willing to make the effort to regain real health are well worth the effort.

Real Answers Addressing Fundamental Problems 

Training and clinical experience in Toxicology, Clinical Epidemiology, Clinical Nutrition and Bio-Hygiene are critical to working with patients in the Re-creation process.

“There is no substance or special “detoxification” product that will “cleanse” a persons liver, kidneys or intestines.”

The amount of misinformation and hucksterism regarding “detoxification” that the public is exposed to by health care practitioners, salesmen, and promoters of misleading and useless products is enormous. As the public’s awareness of the role of toxins in their health problems has grown so has the number of snake oil salesmen to take advantage of them. There is no substance or special “detoxification” product that will “cleanse” a person’s liver, kidneys or intestines yet such products are hawked over the Internet, in health food stores and by practitioners having no training or experience in reversing chronic disease states simply looking for additional sources of revenue. An example is “Ionic foot baths” where the client is told that by soaking their feet in a foot bath machine that generates murky looking water that “toxins” are being eliminated. This is but one of many absurd and misleading treatments that have neither clinical basis nor substance.

Toxicology is the science dealing with the adverse effects of harmful substances, whether of exogenous or endogenous origin, on living organisms.

Bio-Hygiene is the clinical application of Toxicology that incorporates Clinical Nutrition, Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Epidemiology to Re-Create our patient’s bodies and reverse chronic disease conditions.

The challenges we face in Chronic Disease Reversal are many in an increasingly toxic world. The identification and removal of toxic wastes in our patients through an individualized Bio-Hygienic Program has been integral to allowing us to help restore the lives of thousands of chronically ill patients.

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