Success! Weight Gain, Chronic Fatigue, Headaches, Allergies, Low Libido

Success! Weight Gain, Chronic Fatigue, Headaches, Allergies, Low Libido

Shellae Loses 37 Pounds and Reverses Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Headaches, Allergies and Low Libido

Shellae came to the Goldberg Tener Clinic suffering from Chronic Fatigue, Weight Gain, Chronic Headaches, Allergies and Low Libido. She previously went to a Medical Weight Loss Clinic where she was treated with drugs to lower her weight. Her health continued to decline and she remained overweight despite treatment.

Our primary objective in working with Shellae was to dissect out the causal factors contributing to her multiple health problems so they could be addressed directly. We explained to her that her fatigue, headaches, weight gain, allergies and poor libido were inter-related problems that needed to be addressed comprehensively. Testing revealed several imbalances in Shellae’s biochemistry including adrenal fatigue, allergies (food and inhalant), intestinal putrefaction and nutrient imbalances that were contributing to her condition.

Since coming to the Goldberg Tener Clinic and implementing the individualized Bio-Hygienic Program developed for her, Shellae lost 37 pounds, her energy significantly improved, she no longer experiences headaches, her allergies are virtually nonexistant (no longer takes Zyrtec daily) and her sex drive has increased. She is off all drugs including the weight loss medication she took previously. Critical to her success was the significant effort she put forth to implement the individualized program we developed for her.

Watch the video interview with Shellae above in which she discusses the positive outcome she achieved. 

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