Reversing Crohn’s Disease

Reversing Crohn’s Disease

Case Study: Crohn’s Disease | April 2017

Roberta came to the Goldberg Tener Clinic in November 2016 after being hospitalized and diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease by a Medical Gastroenterologist. Her lab work at the time showed a C-Reactive Protein of 123.5 (see below) which indicates a very high level of inflammation (normal <10.0). The Gastroenterologist recommended Immuno-Supressant drugs but Roberta declined.

After 6 months of care at the Goldberg Tener Clinic, Roberta is asymptomatic, drug free and reports feeling well overall. Her C-Reactive Protein (see below) is now normal and her recent MRI (see below) from February 2017 shows a “resolution of colonic inflammation” and “no active inflammatory changes.”

C-Reactive Protein: Before

High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein: After

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