Autoimmune Alopecia, Severe Allergies, Fatigue, Digestive Issues

Autoimmune Alopecia, Severe Allergies, Fatigue, Digestive Issues

Jack’s Healing Story

Autoimmune Alopecia, Severe Allergies, Fatigue and Digestive Issues

Dr. David Tener
Director, Goldberg Tener Clinic
Chronic Disease Reversal

Jack (15 years old) arrived at the Goldberg Tener Clinic diagnosed with Autoimmune Alopecia which caused him to lose all of his hair. Medical treatments (steroids) prescribed by his Dermatologist were ineffective. Jack also suffered with fatigue, digestive issues (SIBO) and severe allergies. He had been taking allergy medication (claritin, zyrtec, xyzal) every day since he was two years old.

Jack’s autoimmune, allergic and digestive issues were interrelated and needed to be addressed in a comprehensive manner. An individualized Bio-Hygienic Program was developed for him to implement specific to his needs and adjusted over time based on his progress. As the causes of his problems were addressed and the right conditions created to rebuild his health, Jack’s hair regrew, his allergies resolved, his energy increased and his digestive issues are gone. His health has been restored!

Autoimmune Alopecia Before and After

Jack no longer takes daily allergy medication and is drug free. Watch the video interview above with Jack and his mother in which they discuss his journey back to health and the excellent outcome he has achieved.

The Close Connection between Allergy and Autoimmunity

Jack’s case (and many others presented on our website) illustrates the close relationship between Allergies and Autoimmune Disorders. The connection, a causal relationship in our opinion, is largely ignored in medical circles with the prevailing thought that autoimmune disorders are simply etiology or cause unknown.

Jack’s strong allergic tendencies, as illustrated by his symptoms and Inhalant Allergy Test result (shown in the video interview above), were a significant contributing factor in his case. Adding fuel to the fire were digestive issues, a common underlying factor in cases involving allergy / autoimmunity. As steps were taken to calm / balance Jack’s immune system and improve his digestive function, his autoimmune issues and allergies improved simultaneously. He is no longer dependent on daily allergy medication.

Just as allergies are increasing rapidly in our population so are autoimmune disorders. At the Goldberg Tener Clinic, we have repeatedly observed the intimate relationship between the two…a relationship that is important to consider in helping patients to improve their health.

Jack before and after

Update: April 2024

Jack recently returned to the clinic for his two year follow up visit after successfully reversing autoimmune alopecia and chronic allergies last year. We are happy to report that he is remains in excellent health with a full head of hair!

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