Unchartered Waters: COVID Vaccination

Unchartered Waters: COVID Vaccination


Paul A. Goldberg, MPH,DC,DACBN,DCBCN
The Goldberg Tener Clinic
Chronic Disease Reversal

A troubling aspect regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic is the lack of recognition being given to the wide variations in the physical makeup of individuals and how each person reacts differently not only to a virus but also to the vaccines and medications that are employed.

Vaccine recommendations are dispensed with general caveats regarding age and comorbidities but for the most part our population, despite the many differences among us, is approached as if we were one homogenous group. This is a troubling error with potentially grave repercussions. Humans are a diverse group for well-established reasons, including genetic and environmental factors. We share more in common than there are differences among us, but those differences are important to recognize. When a baby is born with the genetic material taken from two parents, there are sixty-eight trillion possibilities as to the makeup of that child. The chances of two humans being identical (unless identical twins) is almost impossible. Add to that the differences that occur as a result of lifestyle/ environmental factors (epigenetics) and the variations among us grow yet larger.

Recommendations for prevention and treatment of a person from or with Covid-19 are remarkably alike, indeed almost identical. Slight differences are allotted for the young vs. the elderly and some minimal acknowledgement given to those who have co-morbidities. At the end of the day, however, the population is still being herded to receive vaccines with little thought other than it is for your protection and your civic duty. You are not “following the science” (the “medical science”) if you find reason to question whether a vaccine might be appropriate for you.

What about those who already had COVID?

One group not given due consideration are those many people who have already had Covid-19. There are indications that this group need not and perhaps should not receive vaccination for Covid-19. Natural Immunity, obtained by having the virus, is a potent force offering protection likely un-matched by any vaccine. In addition, while someone who has had the virus and recovers is not known to transmit the virus to another person, there is evidence and speculation that someone who takes the vaccine may transmit the spiked virus to someone else. We are therefore taking a large segment of the population that has had the virus, recovered and built natural active immunity and vaccinating them despite that doing so will potentially turn them into a carrier who can transmit the virus to someone else. This is what we are trying to avoid.

Individuals with Autoimmune Disorders

Another sizeable segment population group that has received insufficient scrutiny in this Pandemic/Vaccination environment, where we are urged to take two or more vaccinations for Covid-19, are individuals with autoimmune disorders.

At the Goldberg Tener Clinic, we see patients medically diagnosed with a wide variety of chronic diseases. Patients diagnosed with an autoimmune issue, however, are the most common set of medical diagnoses who enter our clinic (read more about how we help patients with autoimmune disorders). There has been little attention given to this growing population subset by the medical community in regards to problems with vaccinations. There are variables that require consideration regarding the inter-relationships among autoimmune disorders, immunosuppressive drugs patients with autoimmune diseases commonly are prescribed and routine vaccinations.

Most patients with autoimmune disorders, including those seen in our practice diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and the other over one hundred titles assigned to patients, typically are taking immune-suppressing drugs. These include Humira, Remicade, and others commonly referred to as “Biologicals.” It also includes those on steroids such as prednisone and “disease modifying drugs” such as Methotrexate. (Read “The Problems with Prednisone” and “The Dangers of Biologics“).

These pharmaceuticals have in common that their mode of action is through some type of immune suppression. This is why the side effects of these agents can be life altering with lymphoma (cancer) being an all too common one along with lowered resistance to bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Patients on these drugs are more susceptible to acquiring serious infections because their resistance has been pharmaceutically lowered.

What are generally mild issues for most people such as the common cold or flu can become major challenges for people taking immunosuppressive drugs. In some cases, use of these agents leads to pneumonia from a simple cold or flu which for most people would be quite unusual.

It is gratifying to see our patients able to get off immunosuppressive drugs as their health improves and they become better balanced through an individualized, health building, Bio-Hygienic Program™ that addresses the causes of their disease issues. Note that we do not give drugs nor tell patients not to take drugs as that is a medical matter. Most of our patients with autoimmune disorders, however, who follow an individualized Bio-Hygienic Program, find they no longer require drugs to control their symptoms and with the guidance of their Medical Physician are able to safely withdraw from taking them.

Autoimmunity and Possible Vaccine Side Effects

Patients with autoimmune illnesses may be more likely to have side effects from the Covid-19 vaccines since their immune system is already overactive. Those on immunosuppressant drugs have lowered immunity. It is therefore, in our opinion, important that vaccinations for patients with autoimmune disorders be given special consideration. We have seen a number of patients with autoimmune illnesses take one of the vaccines and have a significant exacerbation of their condition. The additional burden of taking immunosuppressive drugs may pose additional risks when vaccines are administered, both in terms of toxicity and vaccine efficacy. There is likely not enough data to come to a firm conclusion on this presently but this is an issue that physicians and patients should give due consideration to.

This discussion is not about whether vaccinating for Covid-19 is “good” or “bad” (some like to make broad generalizations in this regard…we are not among them). It is not about being pro-vaccination or being an “anti-vaxxer”. It is about using prudence. It is about taking each person’s background/history into careful consideration. It is about weighing the pros and cons in each case. It is about taking an individualized approach to each and every person in all health matters and making our decisions based on all the individual factors at play with each of us. We all deserve that consideration.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the above article reflect those of the Goldberg Tener Clinic and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Decisions regarding drug medications, vaccines or therapies should not be made without the approval and supervision of a licensed medical physician in whom you have confidence.

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  • Margaret Fisher
    Posted at 14:26h, 12 November Reply

    As an individual that had a fairly severe case of Covid one year ago, and had become very ill after each Moderna vaccination, I whole heartedly agree. I personally would have preferred to have an antibody titer test done prior to being vaccinated. Most general physicians are taking a stand back approach to treating their patients when it comes to Covid. I am assuming that they are just not receiving any reliable information considering this is a relatively new situation that they are dealing with. I get blank stares when I speak of any continuing side effects or issues from having the virus and/or vaccination. Just as an aside, My education and work experience is as a toxicologist, so I must look at these things from that perspective which is why I agree with you. drugs/vaccinations designed to treat the “average” only work ideally for a segment of the population.

    Margaret Fisher, M.S.

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