Ulcerative Colitis & Arthritis Reversed!

Ulcerative Colitis & Arthritis Reversed!

Dear Doctors,

I meant to write to you for a few months now. I wanted to reach out and genuinely thank you for all the advice, recommendations, step by step guidance, which had helped me to re-gain my health after 5 long years. The transformation that happened after only one year since September, 2018 is unbelievable. I love it and I wouldn’t want things to turn around! I am positive you receive these letters all the time :) But aside from me feeling better and looking great (compliments I get quite often now), you gave peace of mind to my caregivers (PCP, IG physicians who follow my progress), to my friends who knew I wasn’t well, my parents who were very worried about me, and to my husband who saw me struggle looking for remedies the whole time. The results have been simply terrific. No more blood in the stool, better looking skin, no arthritis pain, regular bowel movements, some weight loss. I’m eating fresh fruits and vegetables, which I thought before were aggravating my symptoms. I’m starting to forget what UC is. I still struggle with bringing up my vitamin D level, and living in the northern hemisphere is not helping it that much, but I’m positive I’ll accomplish this part, as well. I’m grateful I traveled from MA to GA, and found your clinic. Sticking to the new drug-free ways is the key for me to continue to stay healthy. I’m glad I refused to start taking biologics, which was the next step right before I discovered your clinic on the Internet. I tell everyone about my trip to GA and you guys. I hope you continue to help out many many more people.

I wish your team, Susan and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you very much!

Olga from Nantucket, MA

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