Successfully Reversing Chronic Disease

Successfully Reversing Chronic Disease

Paul A. Goldberg, MPH,DC,DACBN,DCBCN
Director, The Goldberg Tener Clinic

You have been told by your Medical Physician you have a chronic illness. Translated this means that you will never be well again and need to remain under “medical management.” That is the medical side of the story based on the distorted view that if drugs can’t bring about recovery you are doomed to a lifetime of chronic illness.

Many then look to “alternative medicine” for a quick fix…a special diet, a supplement, a therapy, an herb… but these cookie cutter approaches used alone are still a form of medicine. Quick fixes not tailored to the individual are doomed to failure. Nature’s wheels grind slowly but surely. Uncovering causes and accepting that hard work and persistence are required are keys to our success.

“Chronic illness does not just happen…it represents an evolution into poor health.”

Chronic illness does not just happen…it represents an evolution into poor health. Unlike a cold where we can reasonably expect with rest we will recover in a week or two, reversing chronic disease which has been in the making for years, takes time and a willingness to undergo discomforts, often significant ones, as the body unloads its burden and sets on a path towards renewed vitality. To do so we must travel in the right direction and have an approach targeted to the causes in each individual case.

Whatever type of chronic disease condition you have…autoimmune, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, fibromyalgia, digestive, diabetes, chronic fatigue, ulcerative colitis, crohns disease, neurological etc., it will not disappear overnight or in a week or month even under the best of conditions. Chronic diseases are deeply integrated into our tissues and our cells need to be rebuilt going through catabolism and anabolism as part of the recovery process.  

“If healing ever takes place in your wrecked body, it will be in reward for your unwearied patience and perseverance in adhering to a physiologically legitimate way of life. You will have to work. You will have to meet the requirements of life.”

-Dr. Herbert M. Shelton”

Chronic health problems do not come out of nowhere. They come about through years of wrong living, wrong eating, toxic emotions, lack of sleep and rest, environmental toxins and other accumulated stressors beyond the body’s ability to respond. We must work our way back, addressing the reasons we became ill. Identification of causes and addressing those causes, even if difficult at times… these are the keys to being victorious over chronic disease. One must put on their armor, and go forward with determination.

Be diligent, patient, and trust the process of re-creating your body step by step. Do so and like thousands of our patients (see examples below), you too can be successful in restoring your health. We are here to guide you through the process and see you through to victory.

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