Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Successful Outcome

Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Successful Outcome

Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis… Regina Regains Her Health

Paul A. Goldberg, MPH,DC,DACBN,DCBCN
The Goldberg Tener Clinic
Chronic Disease Reversal

Dr. Tener and I have a passion for helping patients with chronic health problems regain their health. Having recovered myself from Rheumatoid Disease as a young man fifty years ago, I have a great deal of empathy for patients with these types of challenging issues.

Each patient is very different from the next regardless of medical diagnosis (read our article, Infinite Variety). The importance of an extensive interview, physical examination and very thorough laboratory testing with a comprehensive analysis of all three combined, is critical. Each element of the patient’s analysis must be looked at individually and in an integrated manner.

The evaluation process at the Goldberg Tener Clinic is not a slam dunk operation. It takes two weeks or more of preparation for us in developing a patient’s program. For this reason, we limit the number of patients we see on a daily basis so as to give a very generous amount of time and effort to each one. Most clinics will see six or more patients in the amount of time we spend to thoroughly work up a single case with two doctors in attendance.

Dr. Tener and I draw on academic backgrounds that include coursework/advanced degrees in clinical chronic disease epidemiology, clinical nutrition, nutritional biochemistry, gastroenterology, laboratory analysis, toxicology and psychology along with Professional Degrees in Public Health and Chiropractic, and two Diplomates in Clinical Nutrition.

Secondly, we draw on the experience I have gathered having served for forty years as a Professor in Gastroenterology, Rheumatology, Laboratory Diagnosis and Clinical Nutrition.

Thirdly and most importantly, we possess a combined fifty plus years of clinical experience seeing patients and successfully reversing a wide range of medically diagnosed chronic degenerative disease conditions including Rheumatoid Arthritis, not through treatments but through understanding and addressing causal factors and creating the right conditions for health to emerge.

There is, however, an even more important element that predicts a patient’s success with us and that is their attitude. Will they be compliant and work hard? Will they maintain a positive attitude? Will they work with us as a team or are they negative and combative?  Do they make an effort to understand the nature of the work we undertake with our patients? Successful patients understand that our work is challenging and requires much effort and time on our part and on theirs. This is not a typical clinic where patients are run in and out and simply given “treatments”. On the contrary… we are involved in the intensive process of Re-Creating the entire health picture of the individual.

Ms. Regina Mendes fully involved herself in working with us. Having been medically diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis she also had a chronic cough of fourteen years duration related to digestive issues (reflux), high cholesterol and prediabetes. Her joints were painful and swollen. She was not even able to hold her cell phone. Her digestion was poor with significant bloating. At the time of her initial visit, she was taking prednisone, rosuvastatin and omeprazole. She allowed Dr. Tener and I to complete a lengthy case history, examination and a thorough laboratory evaluation which was analyzed carefully by both of us in conjunction with her history and physical examination.

Six months after her initial visit, her joints are without pain and swelling, her digestion is improved and the chronic cough that plagued her for over a decade is gone. She is off all drugs and reports a 90% overall improvement. 

Ms. Mendes had the will to get well. She understood the significant amount of time and effort we put in with each of the patients we work with. Our time and effort were matched by a full effort by Ms. Mendes who was a pleasure to work with.

I went through years of ill health with Rheumatoid Disease. I know the agony and frustration that can be involved.  Our patients who have recovered from Rheumatoid Disorders understand that our work is different. That it does not involve treating symptoms. That it requires hard work and discipline and that the effort is worthwhile.  To gain greater freedom of movement, improved energy, to eliminate or lessen drug dependency, to address causal factors and restore themselves to a higher level of vitality and good health. To enjoy life once again. 

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