Recent Case Study: Autoimmune Thyroid Disorder and Severe Fatigue

Recent Case Study: Autoimmune Thyroid Disorder and Severe Fatigue

Case Study: Autoimmune Thyroid Disorder, Adrenal Fatigue | July 2016

Jennifer presented with Thyroid issues and extreme fatigue. Her Endocrinologist prescribed Synthroid to treat her condition. (see Dr. Goldberg’s article regarding the dangers of Synthroid and other Thyroid replacements). Jennifer is now off Synthroid and reports “feeling better than she has ever felt in her life.”

Watch the video interview with Jennifer above and see her before/after Adrenal Stress Test and HsCRP test results below. 

Adrenal Stress Test

Interpretation: Cortisol readings are measured in the morning, afternoon, evening and midnight. Hormone levels should be highest in the morning and then gradually taper off as the day goes on. The test report shown to the right is an example of normal adrenal cortisol secretion. The red and blue lines indicate the upper and lower limit of normal respectively. The black line is the patient result.

See Dr. Tener’s article “Adrenal Fatigue: A Common but Misunderstood Condition. 

Below is Jennifer before/after Adrenal Stress Test results.



High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (HsCRP)

Test Interpretation: Measures systemic inflammation. Jennifer’s initial result showed a level of high inflammation (4.4). It is now excellent at 0.3.

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