Post Pandemic Reflections

Post Pandemic Reflections

Paul A. Goldberg, MPH,DC,DACBN,DCBCN
The Goldberg Tener Clinic
Chronic Disease Reversal

There is an elephant in the room regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic. I’m not talking about whether the virus was leaked from the Wuhan Laboratory or if the U.S. funded “gain of function” research, pertinent though these questions are. The bigger elephant that no one is talking about is that Pandemics are not a “Medical” Issue as they have been portrayed by the “authorities”. This Pandemic is a Public Health Issue impacted by each individual’s health status. Why is that important? Simply because when you take the view that the Pandemic is a Medical Issue you end up primarily with medical answers e.g., a series of experimental vaccines. When we view the Pandemic as a Public Health Issue impacted by each person’s personal health status and the state of the environment we live in, greater emphasis is placed upon personal resistance to disease and ecological issues which are almost always present in any Pandemic.

The origins of Public Health are distinct and apart from that of Allopathic (Conventional) Medicine yet the media promotes the perception that Public Health Matters are Medical Matters as if they were one and the same.

Public Health arose primarily from the endeavors of the ancient Hebrews, Greeks and Romans who developed concepts of Personal Hygiene, Sanitation, Contagion Control and Occupational Health. Public Health did not have its beginnings with Medicine. Past Pandemics were successfully abated primarily by Hygienic Measures not simply by Vaccines.

The Hippocratic School, long predating that of Conventional Medicine, was based on principles of Hygiene.  Hippocrates prioritized the identification of causal factors in health and disease. Hygienic Measures i.e., health building measures were utilized to protect the health of individuals and communities.

The Hippocratic School was the polar opposite of the School of Asclepius which Allopathic Medicine evolved from. The School of Asclepius utilized treatments to counteract symptoms rather than directly addressing the factors that caused disease and creating the right conditions for health to evolve.

Today, Medical Authorities have assumed the mantel of Public Health Authority by placing Medical Physicians in positions of power via the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health and reducing  the Covid-19 Pandemic to social isolation and vaccinations. This has minimized attention to two causal related factors.

  1. First, we have not addressed the source(s) of the pandemic. No verdict has been reached. Dr. Fauci and others have continually vacillated. The question remains: What is the source of the virus?  A zoonosis (animal derived disease) spread via wet markets, factory farms or other un-hygienic conditions and/or viral manipulation in a laboratory seeking “gain of function”? The long history of pandemics teaches us that in most cases their origins began in urban areas and revolved around congested populations and poor sanitation. How much of this pandemic stems from over population and pollution of our air, water, soil and food supply? Wet Markets, Factory Farms and the dense congestion of our cities, are known to create conditions that foster disease. Add possible viral manipulation and you have the perfect storm.
  2. Secondly, what are the conditions making individuals vulnerable to the virus? What are the risk factors to avoid and what protective factors should be promoted? These questions should be of interest to those interested in protecting those at risk yet this area has received scant attention from Medical Authorities.

We know that the following are major risk factors for mortality from Covid-19:

With rare exception, all mortality cases from Covid-19 involved one or more of these factors. Aging cannot be directly addressed but Seniors can be protected. Obesity can be controlled. The use of pharmaceuticals that suppress immune function should be minimized and those taking them informed of the risks they assume in employing them. People with co-morbidities are the same individuals taking these drugs. In addition, as our experience has shown for over forty years, most people with chronic disease, with the right effort and guidance, can reverse their illnesses.

Rather than make our population cower with fear as if there is nothing they can do other than be at the mercy of the Medical Establishment we should…

Empower People with Health Enhancing Actions Outside of Vaccination

Shamefully, little attention has been given by Medical and Public Health Authorities to educate the public on  protective measures outside of social isolation and vaccines.

At the Goldberg Tener Clinic, using the Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation System™, we have long emphasized the need for the individual implementation of an array of hygienic factors that enhance immunity. These can make the difference between a person who acquires the virus and gets mildly sick and one who acquires the virus and dies. This is true whether it be in regards to the Covid 19 Virus, future pandemics or other assaults on our health. Reversing our patients’ chronic diseases always entails improving the patient’s immunity, eliminating obesity by addressing the total health picture and adopting favorable hygienic factors. Most of our patients eliminate the need to take immune suppressing pharmaceuticals, normalize their weight and enhance their vitality and resistance as numerous case studies, before and after laboratory results and patient testimonials attest to.

Are We Allowed to Have Differences of Opinion?

Every professional group is comprised of individuals with differences of opinion. If not for Ignaz Semmelweiss, M.D. disagreeing with physicians of his time (for which he paid an enormous personal and professional price) surgeons might still not be washing their hands between surgical procedures. If not for John Snow, M.D. who went against popular theory and proved that it was contaminated well water that was responsible for the cholera epidemic in London, cholera might still rage in England.

Two Jewish American medical physicians, Drs. Salk and Sabin, came up with different types of vaccine for polio (dead and attenuated). They disagreed with each other, however, as to whose vaccine was most effective. Their controversy improved the science behind the polio vaccine and increased the safety of it.

Many professionals have concerns about the administration of experimental vaccines. Their voices are often drowned out as it has become difficult if not professionally dangerous to state a contrary opinion. We think back on the story of the Emperor’s New Coat where the emperor is standing stark naked but all proclaim he is wearing a beautiful new coat for fear of saying otherwise. This is not simply a question of whether vaccines are safe or not. It is a matter of taking personal responsibility for protecting ourselves through the right hygienic measures whether we choose to be vaccinated or not. History teaches us that there will be future pandemics. Open discourse and promoting measures the individual can take to protect themselves is not only important, it is the right thing to do.

Promoting the Individual’s Health

Promoting our patient’s health by prescribing individualized, Bio-Hygienic plans including sunlight, fresh air, appropriate diet, adequate sleep, maintaining reasonable weight and avoiding the side effects of immunosuppressive drugs is of great importance. Some examples follow:

  • Sunlight exposure provides proven immune benefits. Fresh air and motion are necessary elements of good health. Avoiding sunlight exposure deprives people of cholecalciferol (aka “Vitamin D”) dramatically lowering body resistance.
  • It is important to minimize the use of pharmaceuticals that lower disease resistance. There are many of them.
  • Proper sleep and diet and efficient GI functioning are keys to immune system resistance to viral and bacterial agents. These hygienic factors and others have not been promoted by Medical Authorities and yet they should be a front-line approach to protecting individuals from viral agents.

Free Stuff for COVID VaccineWe leave it to each person to decide on their own or in conjunction with their medical physician as to whether or not to take a vaccine. As practitioners of The Goldberg Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation System TM, when we give counsel to our patients on protecting themselves from acute and chronic disease our focus is not in the form of “treatments.”

We are not in the disease treating business nor do we choose to be. We are advocates of how each individual can create the right conditions for themselves as individuals to promote their health, improve their resistance to disease and take personal responsibility for their well-being. We promote the right hygienic measures for healthy immunity not through treatments but by establishing the conditions and behaviors that help protect us from Covid-19 or any other threat to our health.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the above article reflect those of the Goldberg Tener Clinic and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Health needs are an individualized matter and making alterations in a haphazard fashion can be dangerous to your health. Changes in your drug medications or therapies should not be made without the approval and supervision of a licensed medical physician in whom you have confidence.

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