Overweight, Fatigue, Digestive Issues

Overweight, Fatigue, Digestive Issues

Hello Dr. Tener,

I have now passed my 6 month mark of using the tools you gave me in taking care of my health.

I started at 212 lbs. and I now weigh 155 lbs. That is the lowest weight I have been in 30 years! None of my clothes fit, haha, but I am enjoying feeling lighter and it helps a lot with pain in my back, knees, and feet.

Many things are better.  I don’t have the feet and leg cramps that I used to have all the time.  I have fewer stomach aches and less gas. My skin is basically clear and healthy. The weight loss was consistent and effortless. Overall, I am so much healthier and better able to live my life and meet my challenges.  I will continue the practices you have taught me.  I am incredibly happy and grateful for the help you’ve given me in improving my health.


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