Organic Gardening: Self Reliance in Uncertain Times

Organic Gardening: Self Reliance in Uncertain Times

Triple Harvest

Dr. Paul Goldberg
Goldberg Tener Clinic
Chronic Disease Reversal

Recent events with the pandemic and the tragic death of George Floyd followed by riots and looting have served to make most of us increasingly clear on the fragile nature of life. We can no longer take for granted that stores will always be stocked with everything we desire, that it is safe to mix in public without taking precautions and that civil unrest is for other nations only.

We can take steps to become more self reliant in these troubling times. There is no one in most people’s lives that they can rely on more than themselves!

One outstanding way to help secure your own well being and that of your family be it large or small is to have your own garden supplying a portion of your nutrient needs. A harvest that you can depend on to be safe and wholesome.

You do not need to have acreage or even a large yard in order to have a productive garden. Even a small yard can yield a hefty bounty. While the Goldberg Tener Clinic Retreat at Brooks has nine acres, I utilize considerably less than a quarter of an acre to produce a generous amount of produce virtually all year around.

The benefits are threefold:

  1. Having a safe, dependable, organic, nutrient dense source of food.
  2. The exercise that is involved with preparing the soil, planting and maintaining the garden.
  3. Enjoying the harvest in terms of the satisfaction of growing one’s own vegetables and seeing them mature and consuming the harvest. We have had more than enough this year and therefore also had the pleasure of sharing with neighbors.

Below are a few recent photos of the spring collards, kale, different varieties of lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes. Squash, radishes, turnip and arugula are now coming in abundantly!

The Jack Russell seen helping in the garden is optional.


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