Important Lessons from Natalie’s Case

Important Lessons from Natalie’s Case

Chronic Indigestion, Skin Issues and Fatigue Reversed!

Important Lessons from Natalie’s Case

Dr. David Tener
Director, The Goldberg Tener Clinic

1) Multiple Symptoms, Multiple Doctors, Multiple Treatments

An all too common scenario…

It is common for patients who seek our assistance to have been diagnosed with multiple conditions. They see a Gastroenterologist for their digestive issues, a Rheumatologist for their joint pain, a Dermatologist for their skin issues and on top of that, an Integrative / Functional / Alternative Doctor for “Natural Remedies” to add to the mix (see our article “The Facade of Alternative Medicine”). Most patients come to their first visit at our clinic carrying bags full of medications, supplements and alternative treatments prescribed by different doctors managing each symptom complex. What the patient and their Doctors fail to recognize is that each symptom or condition is a not separate and distinct issue, but rather a manifestation of causes that have not been addressed.

Natalie’s case illustrates the close connection between chronic digestive issues, skin problems such as Eczema and Acne and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As Natalie’s digestive function improved, her skin and energy level followed suit….all without treating symptoms but rather by addressing root underlying causes and employing an individualized, Bio-Hygienic™ Program to “Re-Create™” her body. Read more about our unique approach: The Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation System™.

2) The Treatment Train

The medical management of Natalie’s symptoms involved repeated courses of antibiotics. This approach not only failed to address the causes of her health problems but also contributed to the development of secondary issues over time including frequent Urinary Tract Infections for which more antibiotics were then prescribed. This is an all to common scenario (see cartoon to the right). Natalie’s condition worsened as a result and her Medical Doctor recommended surgery to remove her gallbladder. Natalie ultimately came to our Clinic, restored her health and avoided surgery.

3) Bumps on the Journey, Trusting the Process and The Will to Get Well

Natalie’s road to recovery was not easy. She endured periods of discomfort (Bumps on the Journey) as her body “purged” (Natalie’s words) toxic materials, “gallbladder sludge” and waste products that accumulated in her cells over time (Natalie discusses the discomforts she experienced at 5:40 in the above video). Despite outside pressure from friends and family, Natalie trusted the process and noticed her overall health improving significantly following each healing crisis. Periods of detoxification and renewal gradually resulted in a 90% overall improvement in a period of ninety days. Natalie earned back her health with hard work and perseverance. She had, as Dr. Goldberg calls it, “The Will to Get Well.”

4) “Real Healthcare is Self-Care”

At the Goldberg Tener Clinic, it is our goal to assist patients in getting well while at the same time teaching them how to stay well so that they can take care of themselves in the future. We worked closely with Natalie as we do with all of our patients to teach her the proper health promoting behaviors to maintain the improvements she achieved and continue to build upon them over time.

No one should have to rely on Doctors of any kind (including us!) for the rest of their lives. Real healthcare is self-care.

  • Sofie Persson
    Posted at 10:44h, 27 January Reply


    My boyfriend has the exact same issues as Natalie. He’s been on greens and fruits for almost 6 months now and are off the steroids, what else can he do?

    • David Tener
      Posted at 13:49h, 27 January Reply

      Hi Sofie:

      Each case it often very different from the next. What’s causing your boyfriend’s problems is likely different than what was causing Natalie’s problems, even though they have very similar symptoms as you mentioned. We take an individualized approach with each patient. If your boyfriend would like our assistance we would be glad to help him. For more information or to schedule an appointment for him to be seen, please call the clinic at 770-974-7470.

      -Dr. Tener

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