How is Marshall Doing Three Years Later?

How is Marshall Doing Three Years Later?

How is Marshall Doing Three Years Later?

Marshall came to the Goldberg Tener Clinic from Alabama in 2017 and successfully reversed his chronic health issues (repeated fevers, vomiting, allergies and asthma). The video interview above (shot in 2018) discusses the many improvements he experienced while following our guidance.

How is Marshall doing now three years later? We recently received a letter (shown below) from his mother updating us on his status.

May 21st, 2020

Dear Drs. Goldberg and Tener:

It has been three years ago this month since we first brought Marshall to the Goldberg Tener Clinic. He had been experiencing severe environmental and seasonal allergies for years which caused eczema, constant coughing and asthma. He also battled fevers monthly or weekly at times. Several months after beginning your recommendations, we noticed changes. For the last three years, we have continued the recommendations and he has experienced no seasonal allergies, eczema or the constant coughing/asthma symptoms and has been on no prescription or over the counter medications. We love working with these folks and are so grateful!

One his environmental allergies used to be to dogs!


Ms. Lindsay Taylor (Marshall’s mother)

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