Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Crohn's Disease Ulcerative Coltiis

Paul A. Goldberg MPH, DC, DACBN, DCBCN
Consultant to The Goldberg Tener Clinic
Chronic Disease Reversal

Introduction: Autoimmune disorders can affect any part of the body. At the Goldberg Tener Clinic we most commonly see autoimmune issues that have targeted the joints and muscles known as Rheumatoid Diseases e.g., Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis and Psoriatic Arthritis. The second most frequent category of patients with autoimmune issues we assist are those with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) which refers to inflammatory disease of the intestines including Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. We also see patients with multiple autoimmune disorders involving combinations of Rheumatoid, Inflammatory Bowel Disorders and other autoimmune issues. The name of the disease is less important than understanding that each patient is different from the next (download our article “Infinite Variety”) regardless of their medical titles and each must be thoroughly analyzed so an individual program can be developed and carried through to assist them in recovering their health.

We never “treat” patients for any of these disorders, for rather than “treating” disease symptoms we focus on identifying and addressing causal factors and the restoration of health through health promotion…not the treatment of disease. This critical difference in approach has enabled us, over the past four decades, to return numerous chronically ill patients, medically diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Rheumatoid Disorders and other autoimmune issues, to good health.

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Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) whether labeled with Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s disease or both can suffer with numerous symptoms including bloody diarrhea, intestinal cramping, ulceration of the colon, anemia, fever and chronic fatigue. Both conditions can produce symptoms outside the gastrointestinal tract including joint and muscle pains and skin disorders. These diseases can be life altering and life threatening. Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis start most frequently between the ages of 20 and 40, although no age is exempt. We have seen many children and teenagers medically diagnosed with these over the years as well.

The number of people in the United States suffering with some form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is increasing, as are other autoimmune disorders. Patients seeking medical care for these issues find themselves in a never-ending ordeal of drugs, physician visits, colonoscopies and surgeries leading to a lifetime of misery. Steroids (prednisone) remain mainstays of “treatment” (see article “Problems with Prednisone”). These start the patient on a dismal path often leading to complications including diabetes, osteoporosis, adrenal exhaustion, premature aging and other issues. As the disease increases, which under medical care is the norm, “biological drugs” are employed including Remicade, Humira, Enbrel and Entyvio. These immune-suppressing agents might temporarily relieve symptoms but often at great cost to the patient (see article “The Dangers of Biological Drugs”). There is not just the financial cost but also the side effects that can occur including lymphoma (cancer) and serious infections as the body’s immune defense mechanisms are pharmaceutically compromised.

In those cases where drugs afford some temporary improvement in symptoms, the relief is frequently short lived and the patient soon finds him or herself worse off than when they started. Over time the drug list lengthens, both for the original drugs prescribed and for additional drugs to suppress the side effects of them. Patients can become exhausted not only by the disease condition but by the ongoing “treatments.” At the end of their rope over time many patients under medical care consent to surgery involving removal of varying portions of the colon and/or small intestine.

Removal of intestinal tissues, which in some cases may involve the entire colon, leaves the patient permanently compromised. Nothing has been done to address the original causes of the problem. For many patients it is not long after the first surgery till the patient is facing further surgery to remove more intestinal tissues till at last, when no more intestinal tissue can be “spared,” the patient is told “we did everything we could to help you, there is nothing more we can offer. You will just have to live with it”.  There are reasons why people develop Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease and drugs and surgery do not address these causes or reasons.

Shown below is a video interview with a patient that came to see us with severe colitis and recovered his health. His Gastroenterologist had advised complete surgical removal of his colon. 

The ongoing failure for both the medical and alternative medical systems with their potions and pills to provide help to the legions of sufferers with IBD, leads us to the inevitable conclusion that their methods fail to address the factors producing these disease states which differ with each person.

Some will say that Inflammatory Bowel Disease is genetic in nature and there is nothing to be done other than submit to pharmaceuticals and surgery. A genetic component is indeed present in some cases but this should not lead to submission to a life of misery and disability. Our genetics predisposes us to develop certain conditions but by altering environmental/nutritional/hygienic influences (“epigenetics”) we can frequently compensate for genetic flaws and avoid the dark path of ongoing drugs and surgeries.

The patient with inflammatory bowel disease is more than just a sick colon or small intestine. He or she is sick all over. Identification of causes and the implementation of health building measures is the path that leads to increased vitality and improved function not just mere control of symptoms.

The Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation Approach™

The Goldberg Bio-Hygienic Approach™ serves to literally Re-Create the body, to allow for the renewal of health.  Our patients need health building measures not health destroying ones. They need to build health not “treat’ disease. Through the Goldberg Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation System™, patients with IBD have the opportunity to improve their health and normalize function. The earlier the right path is taken the more favorable the outcome.

Getting well requires a detailed investigation of causes and the development of a personalized Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation Plan to rebuild the body, accompanied by hard work and perseverance. The patient must be willing to roll up their sleeves and be fully engaged with us in a health restoration program. They must be willing to no longer be passive victims and be prepared to make changes in their lives and no longer leave sole responsibility of their health to others.

For the patient who gets on the right path and has the will to get well, the outlook for reversing autoimmune disorders, including inflammatory bowel disease, and regaining  their health utilizing the Goldberg Clinic Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation System™ can be a favorable one as shown by the patient interviews below.

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