Clinic Services During COVID 19

Clinic Services During COVID 19

Services at the Goldberg Tener Clinic during the COVID-19 Pandemic

To: Our valued Patients, Friends and Colleagues:

We continue to receive e-mail and phone inquiries regarding whether our clinic is open to see current and new patients.

Answer? We have never been closed and remain active and busy serving our patients and accepting new patients. 

Health care needs have increased during this pandemic and we are working to fulfill those needs.

Dr. Goldberg has been particularly busy due to his Public Health Background and experience, including his four decades as a Professor of Public Health and his training in Public Health Epidemiology. He has been called upon to consult with numerous health care professionals seeking his guidance regarding concerns they have about COVID-19.

Be assured that we have been prudent in keeping The Goldberg Tener Clinic a safe, clean environment and scheduling patients to maintain social distancing.

We are open and prepared to serve your health care needs as always. At the Goldberg Tener Clinic you have access to experienced clinical care for Chronic Disease Reversal along with the knowledge that you are at a Clinic where the credentials and experience include a professional public health background.

Send us an email or call the clinic at 770-974-7470 to see how we can assist you in improving your health and reversing your chronic disease.

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